top 10 largest National Parks in the world

Top 10 Largest National Parks in the World

We all know that there are many endangered species in the world but did you know there are huge areas of land that have been designated as protected areas and as such are now being preserved and monitored by conservationists who ensure the land remains protected for ecological, natural or cultural reasons. These areas are so vast and so important that the work to police and protect them has to take place on a Government level in this way they can ensure that the areas can function with little human intervention/management.

Thankful the introduction of these parks has slowed and in some cases stopped the extinction of many threatened species.

Quick Facts

Protected Areas: Currently at least 160,000 areas in existence

World surface covered: between 10-15% of the world is encompassed including both land and sea.

Top 10

1. Northeast Greenland National Park

Size: 927,000 square kilometers


Its size is equal to 163 countries (thereХs around 194 countries globally).

ItХs located in northeastern Greenland and it is the worldХs most northern park.

Its protected inhabitants include polar bears, arctic fox, snowy owl, musk oxen and Walrus. КNortheast Greenland is the most northerly national park in the world.

By Comparison Singapore zoo that features high on the list of Singapore Attractions is miniscule. However, Singapore Zoo plays a very important part in conservation, it is not just another Singapore tourist Attraction. The zoo was the first in Asia to breed a polar bear in captivity! The zoo also provides education programmes to promote conservation and awareness and in this respect it becomes the most worthwhile of Singapore Attractions.

2. Chagos Marine Protected Area

Size: 545,000 sq. km.


This is the largest marine reserve in the world and forms part of the Indian Ocean territory. It is actually bigger than France.

ItХs just 500 kilometers south of the beautiful Maldives islands where people love to go and Discover the Exotic and dive in crystal clear waters.

Just like the seven atolls of Chagos, the Maldives are a wonderful to visit rich in biodiversity and blessed with abundant marine life.

3. Pheonix Islands Protected Area

Size: 408,250 kilometers


This is the Worlds first deep water, mid ocean reserve. It is located in the Republic of Kiribati, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It has been speculated that the famous aviator Amelia Earhart crashed on to the islands in 1937.

4. Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

Size: 360,000 sq. km.


Listed as a World Heritage site located in Hawaii and is actually designated as a national monument of the USA. It consists of 10 Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. К

It protects the endangered Hawaiian monk seal and 7,000 different species!

5. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Size: 345,400 sq. km.


Famous the world over the Great Barrier Reef has the worldХs largest coral area

The Great Barrier Reef contains the largest cluster of corals in the world and is a magnet for marine life and human visitors. Unfortunately we humans caused a lot of damage and it was necessary to establish a protective park. Visitors are still allowed but only with permits and all activities are monitored. Sri Lanka, Maldives and Malaysia all have great coral reefs to explore. Unlike the Barrier reef they have not been decimated and are still home to thousands of marine life, which makes them top, diving destinations

6. Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area

Size: 287,132 kilometers


This is the only large conservation area Established by the World Wide fund for Nature and the Peace Parks Foundation, designed to promote safe tourism and mammal migration across borders.

This park is in fact an amalgamation of a number of African Parks spread across Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe including Chobe National Park, Hwange National Park, the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls. К

7. Galapagos Marine Reserve

Size: 133,000 sq. km.


Located off the coast of Equador this is a unique area combining hot/warm currents with fresh water and seawater. This unusual combination of currents and temperatures makes it home to a number of unique species that cannot live elsewhere. Exotic destinations like Malaysia come close to providing unique bio diverse habitats and it is possible for advanced divers to experience a heady combination of currents that attracts fish in their thousands.

Galapagos Marine Reserve is the worlds 2nd largest marine reserve and was studied by Charles Darwin the man famous for the Theory of Evolution, it protects sharks, whales, turtles, fish and rays. К

8. Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park

Size: 99,800 sq. km.


Spread across Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe this Peace Park consists of 10 national parks/reserves. The Banhine, Kruger and Limpopo National Parks part of the reserve which was set up to protect the disappearing wildlife including African leopards, giraffes, cheetahs, African elephants and spotted hyenas. Elephants in Sri Lanka are Indian elephants and they can also be found in protected areas. One of the most wondrous sites is The Gathering this has been listed, as a top 10 must see event and brings together the largest number of elephants in Asia together at any one time. Pinnawala Elephant orphanage is also a great place to visit to see huge numbers of elephants bathing and feeding together.

9. Air and Tenere Natural Reserve

Size: 77,360 sq. km.


This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Niger it spans across the western Tenere desert and the eastern half of the Air Mountains it is both a reserve and a sanctuary.

10. Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Size: 53,321 sq. km.


This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an International Biosphere Reserve located in Canada and America.

It is larger than 9 states, which makes it the largest national park in the USA. Mostly mountainous it includes 9 of AmericaХs highest mountains and includes Mt. St. Elias the second highest mountain in Canada and the States.

Top 5 Plants to avoid on a trip to the UK

Top 5 Plants to avoid on a trip to the UK.

When people think of England and Great Britain many envisage an abundance of flowers and lush green countryside, both of which can undoubtedly be seen. However, not every pretty plant is a good plant and many of the most common and most attractive are in fact highly toxic and can be deadly to the under 5Хs and severely debilitating to adults.

Many tourists visit the UK every year keen to see and experience the wealth of flowers and greenery, travelers from Exotic locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives islands and Sri Lanka arrive every day to check out the UK countryside.

Surprisingly, even though countries like Malaysia and Sri Lanka are packed full of jungles and parks and Singapore is a garden city the fact is they do not get the variety and colors of plants that are grown in the UK. ItХs unsurprising them that so many take a Malaysian flight away from the jungle to the tranquil gardens of the UK.

For centuryХs witches, herbalists, apothecaries crafted their skills and grew plants and herbs that were both beneficial and deadly, killing someone with plant poison was extremely easy. Sometimes deaths were long and lingering others fast and furious. Seemingly innocuous plants can in fact be killers and can be found throughout the British Isles.

Harmful plants are all attractive and would look very appealing to children and adults alike. Think of a cocktail virgin and alcoholic that we all like to drink such as a Singapore Sling, chances are it was originally created using fresh herbs/plants or fruit based liqueurs. The legendary Singapore Sling is a very attractive drink that includes cherries and cherry brandy, itХs brightly colored and could easily have been contaminated as itХs sweetness and coloring would still have been enticing.


Take any garden or woodland across the UK and chances are you will find a toxic plant that can cause anything from mild headaches to death. WhatХs worse there seems to be an all year round supply of nasty plants. In most cases of plant poisoning the remedy will involve either charcoal tablets to absorb the toxin or a stomach pump plus re hydration with intravenous fluids. In some cases there is an antidote to the toxin but when a coma is induced there is little that can be done.

Springtime in the UK is a great time to visit, the first flowers are out and the weather gets a little warmer. Daffodils and Narcissus are one of the first flowers to pop out of the ground but there bulbs can be confused with onions and if eaten will give you a nasty case of diarrhea and vomiting.

It is entirely feasible that having just had a long Malaysian flight if you were served with the bulbs mixed with onions and a Singapore Sling as part of your meal you would readily eat it. ThatХs how simple it would be to cause a little or a lot of pain to someone you did like.

Foxgloves are tall and majestic and often found close to woodlands and in rural areas. If you eat any part of this plant you will likely experience cramps, vomiting, headaches and heart problems. This plant is actually used in the manufacture of a heart drug digitalis so itХs not surprising it gives you palpitations.

Hydrangea bushes have large globe like flowers that come in pink and blue, they are slow burners and the effects are often not felt till hours after ingesting the flower. Once eaten expect severe stomachache, itchy skin, vomiting and lethargy in extreme cases a coma can be induced. Fortunately there is an antidote to this plant.

Lily of the Valley smell divine and look exquisite. Tiny white aromatic flowers nestled in amongst striking green leaves. These little beauties are completely poisonous and can severely affect your heart rate give you stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea and a burning in the mouth.

Rhododendrons are evergreen shrubs that flower in the springtime producing pretty pink bell shaped flowers. The leaves and flowers are both toxic and will give you mouth burn, vomiting, diarrhea and irregular heartbeat. Some people experience increased saliva and extreme weakness and blurred vision. Fatal convulsions and coma are the most traumatic symptoms and death can follow. There is no antidote, drugs to regulate your heartbeat plus plenty of fluids can be administered.

Enjoy Britain but take care around the plants especially with young children.

Singapore Slings for a Midlife Crisis

Singapore Slings for a Midlife Crisis:

WhatХs age got to do with it?

Here is a question for all you people out there aged 40 plus. Have you ever really thought about your beliefs relating to old age?

For instance what is old?

To a 10 year old 40 is old, if your 40 maybe 80 is old. What is old to you and why?

Different cultures/countries have different beliefs. In exotic countries like Sri Lanka you are really old at 76. Yet in Japan this is not old as many Japanese live full lives into their 90Хs and some into their hundreds. So why is that?

When I was child I thought my grandmother was really ancient, she hardly moved around she just sat in her chair slowly decaying and smelling of old age, she was only 76 when she died but she seemed to have been old forever, she looked like a very old person, she walked like an old person and my parents seemed to have been taking care of her physical health, cooking and cleaning for her for an eternity. Whilst her body decayed in front of me her mind and tongue remained active and alert and was occupied by church, bridge and coffee mornings. To everyone around her she was ancient.

My parents believed you were old if you reached 40, this was predominantly due to their conditioning and life knowledge as they had been brought up in an era where very few had really lived past 40. Two world wars, the industrial revolution, insanitary conditions poor housing and little food meant that the odds of you surviving into your 40Хs were highly unlikely. It is unsurprising given these circumstances that people expected to be old and to die aged between 40 and 60.

Today we are beginning to change our perspective, we understand that we donХt have to die at 40, but still we hang onto old fashioned notions that we are old at 40! 40 is a dangerous time for men and women. ItХs a time when women are told they will no longer be fertile and itХs a time when men seek to reevaluate their lives and achievements, more typically referred to as a mid life crisis. Many of us feel the need to drink and have no problem drowning our age with copious amounts of heady cocktails like a Singapore Sling. Others get fat and frumpy losing their identity with no clear role models or plans to follow.

The term Midlife crisis has a certain stigma attached to it. ItХs a phrase that a subconscious level unsettles many as it means someone is changing and breaking with traditions, threatening the status quo and order of society.

Men suddenly dump their long suffering wives and go out and get themselves a flashy sports car, swap beer for Singapore Slings, buy clothes for 20 year olds and get a girlfriend half their age. Having revamped themselves they take off on an exotic holiday to secluded Maldives Resorts.

They are ridiculed, mocked and called stupid by society, whilst simultaneously being given a secret pat on the back by their peers who long to have the courage to reinvent themselves and catch the next plane out to one of the Maldives Resorts, where they too can sit around drinking Singapore Slings.

So what are they fools or pioneers?

If you answered Pioneers congratulations.

ТDeepak Chopra is one of the most important healers of our time. Ageless Body, Timeless Mind is a treasure. Having read this book, I feel younger than when I started itУ- Marianne Williamson, author of A WomanХs Worth.

In his book Deepak reveals just how little we know about our bodies true potential to regenerate and reprogram ourselves so that we remain fit healthy and active, irrespective of our age.

The mid-life crisis is in reality an opportunity to change your life to prepare for phase 2 of life. ItХs a time when you must choose to live or to die. When you know and accept this you can then start to think about your life direction. Maybe some quiet time in one of the Maldives Resorts sipping Singapore Slings isnХt such a bad idea.

When you start to get twitchy about age it is a good time to take a mid life crisis or as we should say, a mid life re-evaluation break. ItХs good to spend some quiet time in meditation away from the stresses of everyday living. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should just lie on a beach all day drinking Singapore Slings, far from it.

What we often need is to try something completely different as our body is calling for action, of course if you are over tired and you do need a rest and to chill, then yes do find a white sandy beach like those at the Maldives Resorts where thereХs no distractions, no traffic only you sun, sea, sand and your Singapore Sling.

Just remember a mid life crisis is a wake up call, itХs your mind and body asking for new challenges, so this is a great time to look at starting a new activity/ hobby. Go surfing, horse riding, kiting, sailing anything that is going to challenge and stimulate your body. If your still not sure take a more spiritual path and volunteer at an orphanage/animal sanctuary/ Eco reserve, or go on a pilgrimage and give something back to society until you can figure out how you want to live the next stage of your life. Drink Singapore Slings until youХre sober or pick a beach and watch beach life and get inspired to change and morph into the new you, ready to take on the challenge of a new life with or without a Singapore Sling!

See the Whooper in Singapore

See the Whooper in Singapore

Whooper Swan, a strange name for a magnificent bird. Many have heard about swans, but a whooper? Does this bird really exist or is it some cartoon character or a new kind of giant burger from Burger King?

The truth is the Whooper Swan does exist, and as the name suggests it is a very, very big bird. In fact it is the largest swan within the swan family and has a population of about 180,000. The swan is the national bird of Finland and it winters in Northern Europe and Eastern Asia. However, if you visit Asia then Singapore is definitely an exotic destination you should head for if you love birds.

If you like to Discover the Exotic then one of the best places to see this bird is in Singapore. Singapore Attractions include the Jurong Bird Park; here you will find the incredible whooper swan with its 7.5ft (2.29m) wingspan. Jurong Bird part is high on the list of Singapore Attractions as it has over 358 species and 5000 birds.

Unfortunately this swan is vulnerable to loss of habitat, it is such a large bird and it needs plenty of space in which to live putting it odds with humans. The swans and humans compete directly for territory and the swans are losing. Although they are protected studies have shown that at least 13% of the ringed birds are shot or taken by humans each year. As a result the bird is listed on the Amber list.

The swan is an amazing bird and the Whooper swan is not only huge on size it is huge on travel and it easily trumps other swan species in its migration range.

Incredibly their breeding territory spans half the globe from Iceland, Japan to the Aleutians. Migration for these birds starts in late September, and they return north in March and April.

Can you imagine seeing a sky full of these enormous birds, it would look like an evil dark cloud speeding across the sky. Wow what a sight to see these birds in flight.

Believe it or not an airline pilot at an altitude of 26,900 feet once spotted a flock of Whooper Swans! This is taller than the twin towers in Malaysia which were once the tallest in the world. That must be one for the Guinness Book of World records. One of the main attraction will as well grate Singapore Food.